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Komaba Todai-mae Shopping Street by Xuan Truong Trinh

In March 2016, my team and I established a new student group called “KOMABACK.”

“Komaback” as a word has been around for a while. It means third-year students who have already moved to Hongo campus but have to come back to Komaba, in order to take credits for subjects which he/she failed to obtain the previous year. Therefore for some people “Komaback” might be an unpleasant word.

However, we want like to change this bad impression of the word.

We aim to revitalize Komaba-todai-mae shopping street by offering information about the community to bring students back to the town. In our case, “KOMABACK” means “Back to Komaba” in the hope that students will come back to Komaba like in the past when there were dormitories on campus.


Check out the video below.

In the video, I explained the problem of the decline of the shopping street and talked about the activity we did in the summer festival at Komaba called the Noryo-Matsuri. It was the liveliest night Komaba had seen in a long time.

The video was created by Xuan Truong Trinh, a regular contributor to Komaba Times, who I got to meet because of this neighborhood activity.

Don't worry if you missed the summer festival. There are more festivals to come in Komaba!

October 2, Komaba-no-matsuri @Komabano Park 
October 29, Halloween Festival @ Komaba Todaimae shopping street

Please come and join us in livening up Komaba! 
For more info:

Wataru Yoshida is a junior in the Law Faculty at the University of Tokyo. He is the president of Komaback.

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