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The Spring, here

The traveller sits there

Admiring the view vast

Stretches before him

The special spring cast

Imminent like a daydream is

The novel view of the seasons’ king

As if seated on sakura stems

Are colourful mirrors of celestial origin

There at horizon near the sea

The water kisses the heaven's gate

Yonder in pond’s shallow waters

The fish is also eager to mate

Greenish are the yellow autumnal leaves

Spread now are the dwarfed lotus leaves

Clambering, come clouds combined

Dip dip drip the raindrops blind

Whoosh pass gushes of willowy wind

Hither-thither fly passengers primed

Slowly creeps the twilight's hue

Closely fly birds homeward due

Stranger stands startled suddenly

A wish has popped inside presently

Must be a reason that nature adores

All this won't it else abhor

Perhaps, points the sky's blue

Your name would be written someday anew

Thus walks disguised in Earth's patience

The triumphant traveller who admired the view


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