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Secret Relaxing Places on Komaba Campus


Wakan-Ura, photo by author

It is very important for students to find comfortable places to relax in campus. When you want to relax in Komaba campus, where do you go? You may choose the library, cafeteria or KOMCEE. When it comes to relaxing, however, these are the worst places to go, as seats are hardly available, fresh air is limited and the buzz of lively chatter can keep even the heaviest sleeper awake.

So are there any places where students can relax free of people and noise? In search of the perfect hiding spot, I interviewed a couple of students on where they go to relax. On the basis of the interviews, I would like to share three places to relax.

First I recommend the terrace deck of second floor cafeteria Dining Icho. With a great view of the beautiful courtyard and sky, this place is suited for relaxing, reading and enjoying the scenery. Moreover, relatively less people are in this space than downstairs. It is often quiet, especially after the lunchtime rush hour so you can find seats more easily. However, it’s outdoors, so in the summer you may not be able to stay there for a long time because of the heat, and in the winter you probably have to endure the cold. So I recommend using this space in spring or autumn.

Second I recommend “Wakan- Ura” (the place behind the Japanese style house). This building is next to the Komaba Communications Plaza and near the Komaba pond. The porch area is called engawa. The engawa is like a porch attached to the building made of wooden floor that stands along the room side and extends to the outside of the room. Around this place there is rich greenery and few people so you can enjoy reading books, listen to music or take a nap in the silence, and take in beauty of nature. But you have to be careful when you relax in this place, because in the summer there are a lot of mosquitoes!

Finally I recommend the First Year Activity Center. This building stands between the Komaba museum and Yanaihara Park. Not only first year students but also other students can use this facility. This building is small but few people use this facility so you can find a seat more easily than in the cafeteria or library. In addition, you can consult with peer advisors, who are third or fourth year students or graduate students, about various things related to academic life. In addition to studying there, students are allowed to talk with friends or take a rest.

Other than those above, there may be some nice places to relax in Komaba campus. Enjoy finding your own favorite places.

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