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Study Hideouts When Studies Calls for Peace and Quiet


One of the things that is crucial as an international student, or any student for that matter, is scouting for a place to get down to business and study.

The question is where. Where can you find a quiet zone to concentrate on working and not let yourself be distracted? Rest assured as the Komaba campus has many study hideouts to offer. The first and most obvious choice is, of course, the library. Within the library, you can find an array of study spots according to your preferences as there are four floors in the library and plenty of space to get into your study mindset. On the first floor, there are computers always ready to accommodate students with high-speed internet and the ECCS system, which helps you access your saved documents on any computer in the library (or any computer on campus).

Open Space where students are having lunch and studying. Photo by author.

“Open spaces” or silent rooms with transparent glass doors are also a great choice for studying. Unlike the library where you cannot bring food and drinks, open spaces are completely free for you to study, whilst having snacks or even lunch. With one situated on the basement floor of the KOMCEE West Building and many more I have yet to explore, they offer a sophisticated and tranquil atmosphere. You can also have group study sessions in these rooms too, as long as you keep it down. Another option is the Globalization Office (GO), located right outside of the Open Space. For PEAK students, as many of our classes are held at this building, it is very convenient to go there for lunch and study sessions between classes. It is here that you can get experienced help from upperclassman tutors. It is also a great place where you can interact with other students, domestic as well as international. The GO office is however often crowded as there are not many tables, but it is still a great go-to place for Komaba international students.

Student getting help from GO tutor during lunch. Photo by author.

Many students also choose to do their work in the cafeteria as it is incredibly convenient in terms of getting study food. Although some may find it a bit crowded and noisy, the cafeteria is still one of the popular choices for studying, more so when it is not lunch time and after 5th period. Last but not least, as you advance onto the PEAK senior division, you will have access to the common room. Located on the fourth floor of Building 8, the common room provides current 3rd year PEAK students with a personal space on campus, where they can study, relax and socialize.

As you can see, there is no shortage of good study spots on campus. So when you feel like you are not being productive, just hightail yourself to campus, bury yourself in your studies and sink in one of those cozy seats, be it in the open space or the library, and get to work!

Originally posted on Jan. 8, 2015

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