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Recommended Lunch near Komaba


In Komaba Campus there are few places to have lunch. Actually, the choices of restaurants are limited between eating at the cafeteria or buying food at the Coop. Honestly, the amount and quality are not good, and value for money is bad. However, if you go out of Komaba campus and walk a little, you can find lunch with better quality or value.

Here are two reasons why I think this information will be useful for Komaba students.

Firstly, university students who basically live on tight budgets, cannot treat themselves to expensive lunches every day. Nevertheless, we are young so we eat a lot. My information about good cost performance restaurants will be useful for students who eat a lot, or are trying to save money for lunch.

Secondly, I want Komaba students to be more excited about eating even during short lunch breaks on campus. Though this fact applies to any person, I believe that eating plays a really important role in our daily lives, and can affect our mindset at many cases. Students sometimes are stressed out by busy days or studying, but delicious food can make students relaxed and improve their motivation for their own activity after lunch.

Here I will introduce some places little known around Komaba campus.


It is located next to Ramen Isshin which is at the left side of Komaba back gate.

'Higawari bento' is 500 yen and the volume is significantly more compared to usual bento at food shops.

Photo by author

My basket~supermarket~

This is the nearest supermarket to Komaba campus. It takes only two minutes from the main gate. They have a good selection with reasonable prices.

Nigiri (rice balls) go for about 60 yen.

Photo by author

MUSKAN~Indian curry and naan~

This is also located two minutes from the gate and we can get take-out curry and naan or rice with salad at about 600 yen and enjoy lunch there if you like.

If you eat lunch at the shop, we are recommended to choose lunch set which allows us to order as much naan as you can eat.

Whether you choose to take out or eat in, you can have freshly-cooked curry and naan and choose from five levels of spiciness.

Photo by author

Of course you can find other places to eat lunch or get some food, but these 3 shops are really recommended for 3 points; low cost, large volume, and location.


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